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Who We Are

The primary management and oversight of ABC KidZ will be Heather Karo – Owner and Administrator, along with Ashleigh Clark and Aubrey Roth – Program Directors.  The combined dedication and experience of Heather, Ashleigh and Aubrey will provide the right combination to provide quality and consistent long-term care for our most valuable resources, our children.

ABC KidZ will strive to hire educated, motivated teachers and aides that believe in our mission and overall dedication to the children.  Staff will be trained in the Reggio Emilia philosophy of child curriculum which promotes independent and child guided learning through projects and theme related play.  In accordance with applicable regulations, all employees will undergo appropriate background and criminal checks prior to hiring and required training, first aid and CPR records will be reviewed and maintained or updated regularly.  Additional child education related training and continuing education will also be required of our staff throughout the year.

Heather Karo – Owner

Heather is a CPA and MBA with 18 years of experience in accounting and finance in the corporate world.  She received her undergraduate degree from Montana State University.  In addition, Heather is a dedicated mother of two daughters and is committed to consistently overseeing a center that provides loving, safe and quality care to families in our community.

Aubrey Roth – Director

Aubrey has degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of Montana.  Aubrey joined us in August 2009 as the lead teacher in our Toddler Room with over 10 years of experience in licensed child care settings.  Before that she worked at a local Montessori, and also worked with children throughout the completion of her degrees.  She has been the Director alongside Ashleigh since 2010.  Aubrey is a licensed teacher, a certified Montana Infant/Toddler Teacher and a certified Montana Preschool Teacher.  She is also a loving a mother to her daughter, Elizabeth and Abigail.

Ashleigh Clark – Director

Ashleigh has a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Montana, is a level six on the Montana Early Childhood Practitioner Registry, and has over 15 years of experience in the childcare industry.  Ashleigh owned an in home licensed daycare in Missoula, Montana and was a director overseeing all operations at another facility in Bozeman prior to joining ABC KidZ.  Ashleigh is also a certified Montana Preschool Teacher. She is also a devoted mother to her daughters, Sofia and Keira. Ashleigh opened ABC KidZ with Heather Karo in February 2009.

Hailey Lint – Preschool Teacher

Hailey has been part of the ABC KidZ team since February 2010.   She has taken numerous trainings throughout her years at ABC KidZ and  is a certified Montana Infant/Toddler and Preschool Teacher.  Hailey plans to pursue her passion and further her knowledge of the field by completing her degree in Early Childhood Education from University of Montana Western.

Chelsea McDowell – Toddler Teacher

Chelsea joined the ABC KidZ team in November 2015.   She has a deep passion for the education of children. Before working at ABC KidZ, Chelsea worked for a child care program in Helena. She has attended classes in Early Childhood Education and is a certified Montana Infant-Toddler Teacher.

Tiffany Chilton – Infant Teacher

Tiffany has been part of the ABC KidZ team since November 2013.   She has taken several training in childcare, has been caring for children for over 10 years and is a loving mother to her children, Quintin and Taya.